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Are You Distressed from Weak Signals of Your Cell Phone?
Why You Need Mobile Phone Signal Booster?
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Multi Band 900-1800, 2100-2300 Mhz. Mobile Signal Booster

Cell phone becomes especially helpful when people get into critical situations. In case of
emergency a timely call can save a life.There are still some places where one can find
themselves-out of coverage.

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Works On All Generation 2G, 3G and 4G


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1. About Star Mobile Phone Signal Booster
Cell phone becomes especially helpful when people get into critical situations. In case of emergency a timely call can save a life. Unfortunately, there are still some places where one can find themselves - out of coverage. Usually those places are either too far from the cell phone base station or located inside underground constructions, for example: Cell Phone Signal Booster For Hostels, Antenna Signal Booster, Network Signal Booster, parking lots, tunnels, big stores, office buildings, cars, boats, house in remote areas, etc. signal booster Here we will bring you a new kind of LED signal booster. Welcome to buy!
2. Features

  • High-gain linear power amplifier.
  • ALC and AGC function technology.
  • Ultra-low noise receive amplifier.
  • There is no interference to the base station, right after the opening of the original system and the base station without the need to adjust parameters.
  • Stable and reliable electromagnetic compatibility design.
  • The base station dose not cause an increase in background noise, but will not lead to a decline in the quality of the base station communications.
  • With full-duplex communication mode.
  • It explores an effective and reasonable method to dispel the heat.
Works On All Generation 2G, 3G and 4G

3. Specification:

 Model No


Parameter data



Frequency Range

890-915 Mhz.

900-1800 MHZ


Output Power 

20 ±2dBm

20 ±2dBm


65 dB



Wide Band

Automatic Gain Control


Ripple in Band


Intermodulation Products


36 dBm


30 dBm

Spurious Emission


36 dBm


30 dBm

Noise Figure @ max. gain

6 dB




>50000 hours

Power Supply

AC:90~265V, 50/ 60Hz;DC:12V 2A

Power Consumption

< 20W


50 ohm

Mechanical Specification

RF Connector



Heatsink Convection cooling

Dimensions (D x W xH )

198*182*20 mm



Installation Type

Wall Installation

Environment Conditions



< 90%

Operating Temperature

-10°C ~ 55°C

mobile booster 4. Installation Steps
  • Use your mobile phone to test signal strength outside house or on roof, -70dBm is the basic requirement (full bar).
  • Install outdoor antenna in that location and keep adjusting, point it to signal tower station, try to get best signal.
  • Run outdoor coaxial cable into building in a convenient location to connect with signal repeater.
  • Mount your indoor antenna with signal repeater.
  • Power up signal repeater device to check the signal inside, moving outdoor antenna until you get satisfied signal.
5. Accessories
6. Our Mobile Phone Signal Booster Comes With One Year Guarantee
You are looking for good job and your telephonic interview is going on, suddenly your call is disconnected and you lost a good opportunity just because of bad network and you damn this worse mobile network , then in this condition you switch from one network connection to another network connection for getting better signal quality , but the problem remain same, well it is not permanent solution of your problem, well each problem has solution you just need to find an deliberate way to resolve your problem, so to get rid of worse signal network use mobile phone signal booster, this will solve your problem permanently.

So what is going on your mind? How will you get mobile phone signal booster? Well you dont need to worry because Action India Home Products feeling pleasure to introduce the Cell Phone Signal Booster For Hostels in Delhi India. We are leading dealer, supplier and manufacturer of Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Hostels in Delhi India.

Cell Phone Signal Booster is device which is used to amplify the signal of mobile phone; this gadget is similar to broadcasting tower, used for broadcasting but the mobile phone signal booster smaller in size, so you can implant it for personal use. Actually you will not found any particular reason for bad signal, there is several reason for bad network as bad weather, dead zone etc. However problem can solved by installing the signal booster in your home and office. People who lives in village they often face bad network connection in cell phone because the number of mobile tower in villages are very less and more ever the distance between the tower is large so significant amount of signal is reduced .Well either you are in rural areas or in city you will face the same problem, in metro city like Delhi signal is interrupted because of large building and metallic structure. Nevertheless this problem can be solved by installing the cell phone signal repeater.

You can found different mobile phone signal booster as 2G mobile phone signal booster, 3G mobile phone signal booster, GSM mobile phone signal booster and CDMA mobile phone signal booster, you can order Star Cell phone Signal Repeater in Delhi by online or offline from our shop at reasonable price.

This device has great feature, it can cover area up to 3000 to 5000 sq ft, which is just equal to an area of apartment and beauty of this device is that it can amplify the signal of multiple mobile phone at same time, this device is wireless so it is convenient to use , the advance model of the cellular repeater is compact so you can equipped in Automobile and it is not affected by the climatic change and other variant which are main cause of obstruction in signal . You can found wide range of Cell Phone Signal Booster For Hostels in Delhi India at best price form our online and offline spy store.

Most of the battery of the cell phone depreciates while searching the signal but you can avoid this problem with cellular booster and you can use your cell phone for long period of time, you can chose cellular repeater amongst 2G mobile signal booster, 3G mobile signal booster, GSM and CDMA mobile signal booster, you can by Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Hostels in Delhi India from our online and offline store .

Action India Home products has been working in field of mobile phone signal booster and spy gadgets form past two decades , you can best assured for quality, we check our product thoroughly before it sent for the shipment , our team will also give you live demonstration of product at absolutely free of cost and satisfaction of customer is our top priority, so don’t waste time place your order as soon as possible for cellular repeater and solve your call dropping problem permanently.

7. What is Mobile Phone Signal Booster?

The basic motto of a cell phone signal booster is to give a specific cell signal either inside or outside like your home, office, vehicle or any other area as it’s amplified the signals & then broadcast it to any place which has no signal or weak signal. Unfortunately, we are facing many issues because of signals everyday that is why it’s really important to use this wonderful device for powerful signals to your cell phone. From where the actual need comes to using a mobile signal booster? Before the times, call rates of the all companies are very high, but the signals are good because everywhere has a tower but now all the companies of SIM card provide very cheap call rates or some affords free calls to their customers. Therefore, the numbers of towers are less and at last users are facing low signals trouble and nowadays there are many problems occurred to locating any tower. So, it’s better to switch on this gadget named as mobile phone signal booster and enjoyed your conversation with your loved ones.

8. Why we need Mobile Phone Signal Booster?

Every mobile phone company spent big money to locate their towers like the rates of the particular area where the tower has situated is very high at these times. Next one is band spectrum that also very expensive as companies purchase it from the government and at last the approximately charges to locating a tower is 10, 00000 Lakhs. For example, a limit for one spectrum is only 1000 users, but the mobile phone companies add 1, 00000 Lakhs users that is why the chances of call dropping are enhanced and you facing hassle. Mobile companies invest lots of money for towers therefore they have nothing remains, and then they adopt some shortcuts for their advantage, which are only give you lose. The call dropping issue is never ever fine because the towers are less & users are increasing day by day so there only one solution left for you that is a mobile phone signal booster. Our company also install big towers for companies, small towers along with mobile phone signal boosters as well as we don’t only providers of this gadget but also install & create accurate signals for our customers. A middle class family doesn’t afford a tower because it’s really expensive, that is why we provide them a unique solution for their problem which is mobile phone signal booster as the user easily put it on their terrace or any other place where they want because it’s very handy. The towers also give a harmful wave that dangerous for our health that is why from many residential areas towers are removed & if the towers are less than call dropping issues are boost therefore a mobile phone signal booster is best way to resolve this problem. Our company is no 1 in Asia as you don’t get our products from anywhere because we are the brand therefore only sell quality products. We are resolving your problem and query related to any service at next 24 hours. If you go some another place to purchase this mobile phone signal booster then we 100% sure that you never can get the quality & satisfaction that we give to our clients, as we served our all services from 17 years to this industry.

The cell phones are created to allow us to be connected with any person, doesn’t matter where we are in the whole world but sometimes these gadgets are create difficult situations. Are you ever facing the weak signals of your phone? Is your phone disconnecting while talking with your wife or girl friend? These situations are the main reasons of fighting in relationship as sometimes the conversation is might be very important, but suddenly call is cut because of the low signals. So, what’s doing next to overcome this difficulty? Don’t worry at all because here available a mobile phone signal booster which is easily boosts the signals of your cell phones. This gadget is utilized to serve the signals of any mobile phone in the local area throughout using an external antenna, a signal amplifier & an internal rebroadcast antenna. It’s had a tremendous power which helps you to easily communicate on the phone from anywhere without facing any technical problem. The biggest problem of the mobile phone users is having low signals as they aren't being capable to message, calls & also having internet connection problems that is really frustrating. In the business, if you not able to receive important phone calls, then you suffer high losses and also you upset your clients. It’s better to focus on our mobile phone signal booster that used at both personal and commercial areas.

There are many places exists which have a network issue like underground buildings, inside the offices & homes, parking areas, tunnels, big stores, inside the vehicles, homes in remote areas & many more. We have a great range of mobile phone signal boosters like as a CDMA mobile booster, 2G mobile signal booster, 2G/3G mobile booster and 3G mobile signal booster. Who need the most of the mobile phone booster? The need of this tool is only for those persons who always find the right option for their problem as well as always had a fear of call drop. Call dropping is a very common problem today because of fewer towers so it’s really important for you to use our device to attend the every emergency call. Sometimes we are attending telephone interview but suddenly call is cut because of low signals as you losing a great job. Relationships are very crucial for us but because of bad signals of your mobile, your relationships are becoming too weak that the main reason of breakups. In today’s life style, mobile phones are playing a vital role for every person’s life. We all see the cell phone towers at every area as it also called as base stations as each station abide the power of 10 -100 W. Every base station handles the cell signals up to 30 km in the rural area & 500m in urban area as it is helps for internet data, other wireless networks and mobile phone calls. The every base station is connected to a single switch in the specific region as each region have their own switch to manage the signals or calls from all the base stations as this switch is connected to another switch in another region.

9. How it works?

This device can simply cover the area of 13000 sq ft and also it amplifies the signals to different cell phones at the same time. It’s a wireless gadget so it’s very handy to use as well as this gadget not affected by any climate change. In order to get the specific enough strong signals for usage of your mobile phone, the phone amplifier was invented. It’s very special gadget to build up the signals that automatically come from the base station itself to your phone. It creates a copy of a signal & then transmits it to any mobile phone, the gap between the base stations to an amplifier must be lesser than 35 km. Once signals are received throughout an amplifier, the gadget amplifies it, then amplified signals are passed via second coaxial cable to the inside antenna. At last, the amplified signals are transmitted to your mobile phone. This gadget is also available in the compact size so any user can simply carry out it anywhere that’s making it user friendly tool. We are providing you STAR brand mobile phone signal booster that move for many years. By us every needy person can buy this gadget from our online and offline shops because of their reasonable rates that is actually very low, so grab this device now and provide strength to your low signals of the phone.

10. Why the Mobile Phone Signal Booster Buy From Us?

We are main consultants, dealers and suppliers of this product therefore everyone can get this device at very affordable prices compared as any other stores. Our company believes in quality and never compromise in the attribute of any product as instead of this we have a vast collection of different types of other products. We have a team of professional & qualified technicians who know their job very well as we don’t hire illiterate people because we understand the value of money. The cell phone mobile boosters are compatible with the types of mobile phones which use any variation of 2G, 3G or 4G service. We provide this device for the particular area to fulfill your requirements like for offices & homes, cars, boats, trucks, big commercial buildings, RVs etc. The 4G phone will easily pick up the 4G signal and also a 3G Signal. If you face more dropped calls and want to improve the voice quality a 3G signal booster is capable to do that work. The 4G signal booster simply does all those things along with high-speed internet access. So if you face the hassle during browsing on the web, streaming music & videos and you continually employed heavy data apps, a 4G signal booster is surely becoming your best friendly.

11. Who are we?

We have a big & popular named that known as Action India Home Products, a brand of endless spy surveillance gadgets and systems. Many companies sell made in china products which have not provide desired results & even not have any guarantee. But, our company gives you a complete guarantee of our mobile phone signal booster product as if you have any problem with this gadget then we surely overcome you’re all problems as you can contact us 24/7 for any query. We exists in this industry for a long time that is why we know the actual need of our customers as we understand their problems deeply. To resolve their problems related to their weak signals of mobile phones we introduce a mobile phone signal booster in their budget because we know the value of money and valuable time. In Asia our company is number one because we have many customers across from the world and also you can get 100% satisfaction results after using our products.

12. Brand and Quality

The quality of our products is best as our services are used by many people from across the world because of our trusted brand. Our team used a latest technique while builds the gadget as today nothing is impossible because of advanced science & technology. We only want the satisfaction of our consumers after using our devices that is why we invent this tool which is decreasing the chances of call cutting. Our STAR mobile phone signal booster brand famous worldwide because it’s create with advanced technology without any compromise. This gadget used by many people who suffer with call dropping or low signal issues, they adopt this great idea for their life and we suggest you that you should also execute mobile phone signal booster for your ease.

13. After Sales Service

Our company provides 1 year warranty of mobile phone signal booster so if you are facing any difficulty with this device, then our team easily repairs it and also replaces it if it’s damaged. We have the best after sale service in all over the world and our customer support service have 30 lines which always online so you can easily contact us related to your any query and also give the feedback of any product. You can never get our phone lines busy as you anytime ask your questions and share your problems with us. Users don’t get monthly subscription fees because it’s zero 0 ongoing fees as once you set up mobile phone signal booster then it’s all yours for life. We only want the satisfaction and happiness of our all customers because they are first priority for us because if the love and supports of our clients is always being with us then we always launched fantastic products and gadgets for you like as Mobile Phone Signal Booster.

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